Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The "Dark" Games Continues...

With all that's been happening in my life recently, I can't help but look for distractions in my life, just to escape reality or better to prevent insanity.

Aside from books, I've recently discovered games. And these aren't the free trial versions anymore too, because I have serendipitously discovered the world of torrent downloads. Whoo!

By continuing the Game Reviews part of my blog, I'll therefore be concluding a game series that I've initially started on in the past years. If you've been following my past blogs then you have probably heard of "Twisted Lands". Now we're in the 3rd part of the game titled, "Twisted Lands: Origin".

Don't mind the ghost...

Compared to the first two games that were released in this series, this had more of a backgrounder on how "Twisted Lands" became what it is.

Basically, the timeline takes place before the events of the first two games. So if you've tried to play them, you'll see some familiar hidden object scenes that have more of a "new" feel to it since it does take place years before the first game.

To wrap this post up, "Twisted Lands: Origin" does end up tying all the loose ends and unanswered questions from the start of the game series. By playing this conclusion, you'll get to find out how the "epidemic" in the island did take place.

All in all, it was one hell of a series! Maybe in the future I'll get to blog another adventure-filled hidden object game series, but for now I'm wishing for more time from reality to be able to feed this gaming addiction!

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