Thursday, August 4, 2016

Just One Hell of An Anime

Alright, like I said, I've been scanning the number of my past blogposts and to my horror, I found out that I only had ONE topic under the Anime Reviews sections! (which was also posted like 4 years ago...) So here I am making up for it by blogging this recent anime I got intrigued with.

I think my taste with anime genres have changed over the years...

Fast forward to at least a decade since I watched my first anime, I soon realized that being an anti-hero doesn't always mean you're the antagonist in the story. Take this kid for example:

Can't get any hotter cuter than this...

Meet Ciel Phantomhive, orphaned and already an Earl at the age of 13, he also gets to handle his family's corporation while being the Queen's "Watchdog". He's also on a one-way trip to hell. All because of this guy:

Ciel's devilishly talented butler

Meet Sebastian Michaelis, not much is known about him other than the fact that he's Ciel's butler. Oh, he's also a demon.

Together, these two get to solve bloody mysteries courtesy of the Queen, 'cuz that's what a Watchdog does.

So far, I've watched the anime and also read the manga, though I'd suggest watching the 2 seasons of the anime first before dipping your toes in the manga-verse, since the plot of both versions completely diverged during the "Curry Arc". There's also a live-action movie of this anime, but that's an entirely new post altogether.

At the moment though, the anime creators are doing a great job in recreating the other Arcs of the manga, starting with the Circus Arc and the Mansion Murders Arc being the latest. Definitely can't wait for next year's release of the Campania Arc!

That ship looks kinda familiar...

I really can't get enough of this anime just because of the fact that I don't know what will happen at the end of it all, and that's something I can't wait to find out! (though there definitely wouldn't be a happy ending to this story...)

Maybe... :P