Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Writer's Block Bonus...

Lo and behold! The ever negligent blogger has come back from whatever "hot-pot-hell-of-a-hole" she managed to get herself into this sem in her college career. Speaking of said "ever-negligent" blogger, I am pleased to inform you that I have safely survived my "shockingly" demanding semester in college, though I'm quite disappointed with my grades I'll tell you that...

As for the above mentioned "bonus", I'll be presenting to you a double movie review! *cricket sounds* Not much of  any excitement there I see... -__-"

If  you are still reading this far into my post however, then you must brace yourself; this film is heart-breaking. "Alagwa" is the title of this indie film which means "Breakaway" and is directed by Ian Loreños.

It's heart-breaking... :'(

The film centers on single dad, Robert Lim (Jericho Rosales), and his son Brian (Bugoy Cariño). At first we are given a glance of the father-son dynamic, with Robert being a strict father who tries to discipline his stubborn son, Brian. Although Robert tries to make up for his strictness by taking his son window-shopping at the mall. In one of their trips however, Robert fails to keep an eye on Brian and ends up losing him. What's a parent to do when your child suddenly ends up missing?

In the end, the storyline had a nice concept of a father-son relationship, albeit a solemn one. It also gives us insight on what really goes on when it comes to human trafficking, and it is definitely NOT a joking matter. Reality check: This is not a Hollywood film wherein Liam Neeson  stars in "Taken" or whatever similar film you've probably watched in the past. I did tell you to brace yourselves right?

So now that I've probably scared the lot of you off, let's now proceed to the lighter part of Philippine cinema! Let there be "romantic" lights! *clap clap*

Like I said, the next film will be "lighter" in the sense that it will be heart-warming, with a little heart-breaks on the side, but you'll surely get over it once you watch this:

Rain and all its romantic elements... :">

The film stars Bea Alonzo as Cat and Dingdong Dantes as Wacky who are bestfriends but are too stubborn to admit that they love each other as "more-than-friends" (cliché right?). Here comes a younger man named David (Enrique Gil), who is obviously interested in Cat and is NOT afraid to show it! With Cat being tired of waiting for Wacky, finally let herself be swept off her feet by David? Can Wacky live with that thought in mind? (...he obviously can't but hey, I want my synopsis to be cliché too you know! :p)

Honestly, I couldn't help but cry in some parts of the movie since my right eye was hurting (... literally speaking...), and also because the dialogue was well written. The confrontation scene between Cat and Wacky struck a nerve in my part (... I feel for you Cat, I really do... ), and the break-up scene! That was ironically the best break-up I've ever scene on the big screen! I mean, come on, how can a guy still look lovable even while he's "proposing" to break up? You'll probably understand me after you watch this movie.

Until next time that I'm utterly bored and restless! XD See ya! :D