Sunday, May 28, 2017

I'm In Love with the Thought of Travel

If you think my Singapore tour would be my last series of travel blogging, then you're wrong. Honestly, all I needed was a little time to edit more videos that I took at my latest adventure this summer. Also, I'll probably be blogging about local tours for now 'cuz let's face it, travelling abroad can be VERY expensive here in the Philippines (unless you have all the time in the world to hound for Seat Sales...)

So here I'll be blogging about my 3-Day Ilocos Adventure with the fam. Firstly, my mom booked us on a tour group called, A Whole New World Travel Express, this isn't the first time we booked a trip with them since the previous year we went to Sagada. (which I'm planning on blogging about as well... give me time...)

Click this pic for the link!

When travelling with AWNW, you should probably keep in mind that their usual meeting place is between Trinoma or SM North Edsa in Quezon City, where you'll ride a 13-seater van and spend the night on a road trip until you reach your destination in the early morning.

In our case, we traveled for 8 hours on the road, (with stops in between of course..) and reached Ilocos at around 6AM, with Paoay Church being our first destination. Here we ate breakfast and took some pictures here and there, before we had to leave for our next destination.

Can you spot me by the "Y"?

Looking back, our 2nd destination was what I would consider as the highlight of the day 'cuz we were going to conquer the sand dunes on a 4x4 vehicle!

It's a sign!
You'd think I'd be ready for this...

The ride costs 2,500php in total, with a maximum of 5 people riding at the back. You can leave your hats or other valuables beside the driver's seat in front if you think the rides getting too bumpy or windy for your taste, which in my case, I had to do just that.

Groufie! (is that how you spell it though...?)

Jump for Joy! I made it this far!

Of course, there were picture takings in between and a good view of the ocean; there was also a sand boarding booth during the stops which I just had to try. It's part of the experience after all.

I felt like I had all my adrenaline sucked out of me after the thrilling experience at the sand dunes, so I didn't really mind the historical aspect of our tour when we went to the Malaca├▒ang of the North (home of Ferdinand Marcos).

We went to eat lunch after that, but since we were too hungry to care, none of us got to take pictures of the place. After our hearty meal, we went to Cape Bojeador Light house which was said to be haunted. ( not that we'd be seeing any ghosts in the early afternoon during that time...) So after a few pictures and souvenirs, we were ready to head out again.

Doesn't exactly look creepy in this time of day...

Second to the Sand Dunes, I'd say I enjoyed trekking at the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation just because you get to be creative with your Perspective pictures.

Isn't this such a tiny rock? :D

I got the "wind" in my hands!
I'll huff, and I'll puff...
View from here...

Lastly, before checking in at our homestay, we stopped by the Bangui Windmills since Ilocos wouldn't be complete without them.

Must be really windy in this part of town...

At around 6PM, we arrived at Cathy's Homestay where we'll be sleeping at for the next couple of nights. We were dead tired so we didn't get to catch the sunset at the beach nearby, so we just unpacked, ate dinner in our room, and got our things ready for another early adventure the next day.

Find out next Sunday where we'll be going on our 2nd Day at Ilocos! :D

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Gaming on Different Dimensions

With my last experience of virtual reality gaming, I couldn't help but find it a little... boring. Since I just sat there getting myself shaken and stirred like some cocktail drink, with no real interaction with the game. So when I saw that Lucky Chinatown had this latest gaming craze, I just had to try it out!

It just screams, "Try me!"

The first time I tried it, I played a one-player shooting game called Brookhaven. You first had to pick a location, your weapon of choice, and that's where the thrill begins!

No worries about zombies eating my brains here... ;D

Honestly, it wasn't really that terrifying, sure there were zombie-like creatures crawling towards you in a dark sewage system, but nothing really "jumpscare" worthy if you ask me. Which makes me laugh every time I remember this lady who actually screamed out loud in the middle of the mall while playing the same game.

Since my first try seemed a little lackluster, I decided to play again. This time with my cousin for a change, since if it wasn't fun playing alone, then I guess it would be more fun with a 2nd player.

Getting ready for some action! XD

There were only 2 multi-player games at that time, and the game coordinator suggested the one for beginners. I went with that since it's my cousin's first time ever playing any sort of VR game.

Lo and behold, it turned out my cousin beat me for the high score. Though in my defense, she got a 2nd gun while I had only 1, so we weren't exactly on even ground. I also found out that VR gaming is actually fun to play with a 2nd player, maybe next time when I get to drag my cousin into playing again.