Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Day With Books (And Other Things That Make You Happy)

T'was the night after my visit to The 36th Manila International Book Fair.

Because you always need Entrance Tickets to an event...

As a backgrounder, this is actually my 3rd time to go to MIBF, with the 1st happening way before the SMX Convention Center was even built since it was held at SM Megamall. The 2nd time was last year in which I found the greatest answers to my Law subject problems, (courtesy of REX Bookstore). And so for this year, I'm back and more than ready on what to expect.

Like everyone else: My Book Haul! ;)

Aside from surviving the throngs of people and having the patience of a monk when falling in line, I'd say the whole MIBF experience hasn't lost its appeal to me yet. (So watch out for next year, MIBF!)

Add the fact that I also managed to attend a Mini Comics Festival courtesy of Black Ink Comics!

More event tickets...

For those who haven't heard of it yet, Black Ink Comics is an independent publisher of local "manga" or comics.

Disclaimer: Cool GIF taken from their website :3

I still remember how quaint their booth was during last year's Book Fair, though after a year they seemed to have gathered a wide range of readers.

Precious Pages Corp. as their distributor

Personally, my first ever Black Ink comic was Ms. Reira Francisco's "Terropian Princess":

Soooo pretty and colorful... O.O <3

Though part of me guiltily admits that I first bought it for the wonderful cover; before I managed to read the synopsis which further piqued my interest. With that said, I'm really amazed with how far they've gone and look forward to more works from them!

Now back to the Mini Comics Festival, it was a (mini) meet and greet event with the talented artists and writers of Black Ink, in which I grabbed the opportunity to have most of my comic books and novels signed!

Just one...

... of my...

... many...

... few ;)

As well as get exclusive Freebies!

So love my Poster Boy shirt! Another Black Ink comic favorite by Herbs Navasca (writer) and Rica Angela Padullo (illustrator)

Aaaand, guess who I managed to take a picture  with...

Officially meeting the writer of Terropian Princess, Ms. Reira Francisco! It was a pleasure to meet you! <3 :D

In the end, it's not the matter of bringing home the most book hauls, but bringing with you a day full of happy experiences that can last a lifetime.

P.S. Before I end this  blog, I'd like to thank my dearest cousin who patiently watched over my comic books while I almost succumbed to my overwhelming feelings of "fangirliness". Without her, I may have lost a comic book or more. So thank you very much 'cuz! Love yah lots! xoxo