Friday, September 21, 2012

Goddess Summoning Series by P.C. Cast

I was introduced to the Goddess Summoning series by P.C. Cast when my daughter asked permission to order said books. You see, she has grown to be quite a reader and likes various topics that includes mythology. In fact, I consider her more of an expert on the topic as compared to myself. I'm not surprised that she would want to read these books as they are modern stories that are interwoven with characters from mythology. 

The above are just four of the books that I have read from the series. There are a total of seven, but my daughter only has five in her book collection. 

I have read them over the summer as I was recuperating from my surgery. I'd say I quite enjoyed reading the books, but I would recommend them for a more mature audience, say 20's and up.

Each of the books in the series can stand alone, so it's not a prerequisite to read them all. However, there are some recurring characters in two of the books that I've read. 

If you are fond of fairy tales but find the Disney classics too tame or childish, check out these books. I think you will enjoy reading them.

If you want to read more about the Goddess Summoning series, check out the Squidoo lens that I wrote about it. (Goddess Summoning Series by P.C. Cast)

PS. My daughter is rather busy with school work and activities that she hasn't had time to come up with her own posts yet. But perhaps we'll hear from her in the next few weeks. Till then...

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