Friday, August 29, 2014

Talking Back & Dying at the Same Time?

Well, well, well... Look who decided to come back to blogging? Oh that's right, it's me. So yeah, I'm technically back from my 8 month hiatus, though I don't know for how long... But really, the reason why I'm back to blogging is because I realized something. Something so utterly life-changing, it boggled my mind... This realization came to me in the form of a book. Yes, because of all the books that I have read, it suddenly came to me that I had only "reviewed" ONE book here in my blog... Don't believe me? You could always click the "Book Review" tag at the bottom of this post, you know!

So yeah, I guess that's one of the reasons why I'm back for the mean time... I should probably do more book reviews than movie reviews... Hmmm... So! Back to the matter at hand! What particular book will I be blogging about, you ask? Well it's actually a local book, published by PSICOM Publishing, and guess what, this book has recently been adapted into a movie! (Which is actually another reason why I decided to blog again...) But let's concentrate on the book first:

"Talk Back & You're Dead!" by Alesana Marie

There's two of them! @.@

This is the first book of the trilogy, and for all it's worth, the book has also been divided into two parts.

The whole gist of the first book was quite simple, "Poor little rich girl falls in love with a bad boy". So here we've got our main protagonist, Miracle Samantha Perez, and our male lead, Timothy Odelle Pendleton, a.k.a. TOP. Sam's your all-around-good-girl type of gal, she's beautiful, smart and rich. Though her almost perfect world will come crashing down once she meets TOP. Completely Sam's opposite, TOP is your all-around-bad-boy, sure he's said to be roguishly handsome as well as rich, but he is also a "gang" leader. Yeah, I know, the whole story is cliché, but I was expected some action-packed kind-of story when I read this synopsis: 

"May nakilala na ba kayong (napakagwapo) nakakatakot na nilalalang na may kakayahang maglabas ng laser beam sa mga mata kapag nagagalit? Eh ang maging boyfriend sya dahil sa (kabaliwan) kakaibang trip ng mga kaibigan mo?

At ang mapaligiran ng mga (hotties) hot-headed na katulad nya? Ang tahimik kong buhay ay biglang naging parang action movie, may mga habulan at fighting scenes.

Ako si Sam, isang perfect student, maganda matalino at mabait). Boyfriend ko si TOP, isang delinquent, gang leader at cussing machine.

Magtagal kaya kami kung pati teddy bear ay pinagseselosan nya rin?"

I guess it was my fault that I took the "laser beam" thing literally, as well as Sam's life suddenly becoming some kind of "action movie with chase and fighting scenes". Shouldn't have taken her word for it. But still, it was an amusing read in times when you just wanna kill some time. Although, I'd like to point out that book version Sam was a wonderful breath of fresh air. You don't get that much of head-strong females in local writing, so good job Ms. Alesana Marie! (Though Sam does have a bad habit of keeping secrets from TOP most of the time...)

In the end, since I've already read both halves of Book One, I couldn't help but buy the first half of Book Two already! Since there were a lot of loose ends and unresolved pasts left at the end of Talk Back & You're Dead, I've decided to keep on reading until the end of the series. (Support our local writers!)  

Overall, the book had a sense of continuity and a lot of romance; the many characters also had their own side stories going around, which were mostly believable, if not convenient. So I suggest, buy the book. (forget about the movie...) Read it if you plan to even watch the movie version because. Just because.

So now that I'm done babbling nonsense here, I do hope you guys wait for my next post. It's about the movie version. Until next time, cheerios!