Saturday, February 9, 2013

Don't Lose Your Head In This!

Advance Happy Chinese New Year guys! So in accordance to the big celebration tomorrow, and also to my Saturday movie reviews. I give to you "Chinese Zodiac"! Starring Jackie Chan, so you better watch it! It's also his last action movie, which makes it a major MUST WATCH!

Eenie, meenie, miney, mo!

If you're wondering what those heads are for, well the story starts like this: There are only 4 out of 12 heads at the start of the film, which makes it rare, and this also makes the other 8 REALLY rare. This is where JC (Jackie Chan) steps in, he's a mercenary who works for this really rich guy. All he has to do is look for the REAL artifact, gives it to the "big boss", where it is then DUPLICATED, and then auctioned off to the other rich people. However those "heads" aren't supposed to be just auctioned off like that, since they did originally belong China before the colonizers came. So JC's kinda stump on whether he would just steal it and give it his boss, or if he'll be an "honest thief" and give it back to his people.

Just because the storyline sounds kinda simple, that doesn't make it any less more action-packed. You'll be gripping your seats and stalling to eat that next bit of popcorn just to see what happens next. You'll like this movie cause it's filled with cool gadgets, the right amount of comedy, and also an action-packed movie that can only be made by Jackie Chan!

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