Saturday, January 12, 2013

How to Train A Tiger in The Middle of the Pacific Ocean

I was asking myself that same question when I came upon this movie. I mean being stranded in the Pacific alone is tough enough already right? But think about being stranded with a Bengal Tiger... in the middle of the Pacific Ocean...? I know right, it's just nuts!

Even the poster got me wondering... @.@

So the story starts with Pi as a kid and his life in India, here we see he's a very intelligent boy with a thirst for knowledge and who's also curious about the things that are unknown. Fast forward to him being a teen who's about to migrate to Canada, since his father decided to leave the zoo that they owned back in India and start anew. So all is normal in Pi's life, the zoo animals will be sold somewhere in Northern America and they'll have enough for a new life there in Canada, however tragedy strikes when their cargo ship encounters a thunder storm in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Pi is distraught to find out that he is the only one who survives the sinking and to make matters worst, he finds out he is also stuck with their zoo's tiger, Richard Parker! So this, my friends, is how Pi's 227 day journey began. In a lifeboat, out in the middle of the Pacific, stuck with a Bengal Tiger.

I do hope the trailer interested you, it sure interested me and got me watching it on the big screen! However I'd like to point out that the first part of the movie was kinda all talk and no adventure yet since we're given a flashback of how Pi's life was like when he was a kid, here we see how his growing up years turned him into a really religious person with three religions. Yes, three religions, believe me! I think the deep faith that he has also helped him get through this life-changing aspect of his life. In the end, the film proved to be full of one's spirituality and the will to survive, also add Richard Parker and you wouldn't be left bored to death in that lifeboat!

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