Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Brain Freeze: Helps the Brain "Cool Down"

Here I am again, on the second day of regular classes... Boy do I miss my two week vacation, where did it all go anyway??? Well, I can't do anything about it now, gotta study, study and study more. Now that I remember, Midterms are  going to be held next week! Gosh! No wonder my professors seem busier than usual... Ugh! Now I REALLY have to study more, more, more! Someone help me! I NEED brain juice!!! Must have something... *gets hit in the head by something... cold?* What the?! Who threw that?! This thing should be.... wait... this is....!!!

TADA!!!! :D

Milk Shake!!! *drinks the whole glass in one gulp, straw and all... BURP!* Ehehehe... Sorry for that, got carried away that's all. Anyway, I should better get back to my studying. Happy Fave Foods Day to my DOM followers!!! ^_^

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