Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Craziest Love Triangle I've Ever Seen!

Hi guys! Sorry for the late post, I was busy with some stuff but hey, I'm back! So now I'll get straight to the point, I'll be blogging about movie reviews today! It's decided that Saturday will be Movie Review Day and I'll be blogging about a recent movie I just watched, it's titled: "This Guy's In Love With U, Mare!"

Woah! What a man!

The movie stars, Luis Manzano, Toni Gonzaga, and of course Vice Ganda! With him around, you'll surely find yourself in tears from laughing so hard! Anyway, the movie was about a guy named Lester (Vice Ganda), who finds himself dumped by his boyfriend Mike (Luis Manzano) on their so-called "4th Anniversary". Strucked by depression, Lester is later enraged to find out that Mike has already moved on and is dating Gemma (Toni Gonzaga). Lester is even more angered when he witnesses Mike proposing to Gemma. The story develops when Lester comes up with an idea to "distract" Gemma from her relationship with Mike, by means of becoming a "guy". Yeah, I know it's kinda hard to imagine, but watch this video and maybe you'll find yourself rushing off to the nearest cinema.

Directed by Wenn V. Deramas, this movie will surely be a big hit! So what are you guys waiting for? Get your faces off the computer monitor and get moving! Oh and by the way, the synopsis you just read above was courtesy of moi (which means me), so please no plagiarizing. Thank you and enjoy!

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  1. I'm okay with the movie and yes, it is funny! But I'm not okay with Gemma ending up with Mike ^_^