Friday, October 19, 2012

The Best Books are Mostly "Forbidden"

Hi guys, I'm back from a really tiring day. Just came home from my cousin's school fair and was it tiring! Well, at least I enjoyed the day anyway. Now since I'm really tired and sleepy right now, I'll make this blog quick yet enjoyable. So what am I blogging about today? I'll be blogging about my recent book collections! Remember, every Friday will be the DOM's Book Reviews, so here's the first book that I'll be reviewing:

"The Forbidden Game" by L.J. Smith

Forbidden Game = Julian <3
Here's a short synopsis I made: "Jenny Thornton has always been content with her life, her circle of friends, and most especially her boyfriend Tom Locke. However, this all changes when she unexpectedly meets Julian, a mysterious young man with the most striking blue eyes. Too soon, Jenny's world is turned upside down in ways she couldn't have imagined. "

So I guess that wasn't a good enough synopsis, but at least I tried. Anyway, the story was great, if not a little dark. Some of the characters were lovable, especially Julian, even in his dark way there was something seductively mysterious about him that gets you reading through the pages for more of him. Sadly though, the whole book wasn't from Julian's point of view, it was mostly from Jenny's. Don't get me wrong, Jenny had a strong personality and I would consider her brave in most parts of the book, but sometimes I felt that she was confused with the decisions she was making, especially when it involved Julian. In the end, it's only up to Jenny whether she'll choose Tom or Julian. 

Overall, the plot had a sense of continuity and a healthy dose of romance, suspense and horror; the characters were well-made, even the villains. So if I were you, I'd buy the book; also get ready for the supposed sequel though, I read somewhere that L.J. Smith already has it in the works. So now I'm done! I do hope you liked my review, maybe with a little practice I'll improve, so wish me luck in my future posts. See ya next time!

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