Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Love Playing Games in the Dark!

Hey guys! Sorry I couldn't blog yesterday, I got hooked up in one of my books and decided to finish it in one sitting. So yeah, now I'm back and ready for blogging and since I couldn't blog about my fave foods yesterday, I might as well stick with my usual schedule. Other than my fashion statements scheduled every Wednesday, I decided to alternate it with some Game Reviews. You heard right, I said Game Reviews! You see my mom would always comment that I kept wasting my time playing those Hidden Object Games and stuff, so I might as well do something good out of it.

Just to let you know though, I don't buy these games, I download them in their "Free Trial Version" and I take it from there. So I'm reviewing the games based on their story/plot, the graphics and the fun and excitement I get from playing them! Here's the first game I'll be reviewing, it's called "Twisted Lands: Shadow Town".

Games like these are always exciting! 

Currently, I consider the game a trilogy since I've played all three already, but first this. Twisted Lands: Shadow Town has you playing a character who gets stranded in a creepy island. Said character later discovers that his wife, who was with him on the boat, gets dragged somewhere in the misty darkness that envelops the land. So the whole story of the game is to find out what happened to your wife and discover the mystery behind the "Shadow Town". Here's a little something to keep you guys interested:

That's it for today! If you're interested in playing said game, by all means buy it! If you're not sure enough if it's as good as I tell you, try downloading some free trials, they're everywhere! Once you got the game and get stuck in some parts, I recommend a walkthrough in game sites like Big Fish or Gamezebo, they've been useful most of the time. Alright? See ya!

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