Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Fashionable Promenade

Surprise, surprise! I'm back after a long long day! Whew! Just came home from school to get my final grades for the first sem, and I guess I wasn't disappointed with the grades I got. Look below and you'll see:

Is it bad to expect having 85% in all my subjects?

So yeah, aside from school grades and stuff like that, I've come back to the DOM to do my daily blogging. Now let's get straight to the point this time, what am I going to blog about today? Well it's called, Fashion Statements!!! (...or something along those lines...) Anyway, it's about fashion, well what I deem as fashion anyway. So I guess I'm not really a major expert in the fashionista sense of the word, but hey, I think I've got a few tricks up my sleeve when dealing with this art.

Since this will be the first time I will tackle this sort of topic, it's safer if I post something about my own "fashionable taste" first. (I'll be putting disclaimers in my future fashion-related posts though, just to be sure...) Now let's see what I can use as an example... Oh I remember! Prom Night! Let's see... a red gown and a cocktail dress, gold-colored stilettos, and.... what more?

The Gown!
The Cocktail Dress!
The 4 inch Heels!

I guess you've probably guessed that I chose a red and gold theme for myself on prom night, well I guess you guessed right! Now other than a gown and a pair of shoes, I also used my handy-dandy golden purse! Don't forget the other golden "accessories", and a little pampering for my nails and toes. 

You wouldn't know when a purse can come in handy sometimes...

An extra pair can always come in handy!

Trust me, these aren't the real gold kind...

My toes...
... and my nails!

The end result, my friends, is this!

What do you think?

Thanks to all the people who made my Prom Night memorable! My gowns, courtesy of "Gowns & Barong" in Pasilio P #7, Ilaya Street, Divisoria, Manila. My shoes & purse from SM Carriedo, a.k.a SM Quiapo, where (in my opinion) all things are very affordable; the jewelry are from SM Manila Department Store. My toes & nails were done at "Perfectly Polished", located in SM Manila; my hair was done at Jesi Mendez Salon, located in Robinson's Place Manila. Finally my make-up was done by my mom, Rosyel Sawali, search her name on Google and maybe with a little persuading, she might give you some tips on the "art of make-up".

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