Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How Grandma's Beef Stew Saved the Day

Howdy ya'll! So here I am after weeks of suffering from a very serious illness, it's what you'd call "Writer's Block". Seriously, it's very serious. In my case, I experienced tossing and turning while trying really hard to think of what to write and coming up with nothing. Since I came up with nothing, I'd end up drooling and lazing around on my bed. Oh! I should also probably tell you about the final exams I was forced to experience last week. Oh the horror! Yeah, being a Freshman in college really gets you down sometimes, but hey, there's still something that every college student looks forward to. Sembreak! Woohoo! 

So I guess you've probably understood why I'm back here in "Daydream Land". After studying hard for those 'crazy' exams, boy am I glad to come out alive. However, if we're all excited for the sembreak, let's see how excited we can still be after the final grades are given. So yeah, I'll be getting my grades tomorrow and I'm very confident I'll be passing all those 'freaky' subjects. Now I'm left with 3 whole weeks of utter boredom, unless of course I find something utterly exciting to do, which leads me back to my long-forgotten blog.

So let's get straight to the point here, what am I going to blog about today? *insert drumroll* My Favorite Foods!!! (utter boredom is definitely not good for me...) Anyway, I guess I'll make Tuesday, "Fave Food Day" in my blog sched, sounds good? Well you haven't seen anything yet!

I'll mostly be featuring my grandma's cooking, since my mom doesn't really like cooking things much these days. So today, I'll be featuring my grandma's "Beef Stew", yummy! Just so you know though, I'm not really the type of girl you lingers inside the kitchen just to watch my grandma cook, so I'll just be pointing out the main ingredients she put and my point of view on the dish. So here it is: Radish, Stringbeans (trust me, I don't have a clue why she put those there...), Potatoes (yummy, yum!), and of course the Beef. All in all, I've got nothing against my grandma's cooking, it always tastes great. Although I do think she overdid it in the beef part, honestly, they were in HUGE chunks! But still, without grandma's cooking, I wouldn't have anything to blog about; so you gotta love grandma's beef stew!

The Beef Stew that Saved the Day!

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