Sunday, April 16, 2017

Something Alarming & Something I Haven't Seen Before

I'm back! Now, if you think we got tired from our last trip to Universal Studios, then you're dead wrong. After dropping off our things back at the hotel, one of our classmates called his cousin and asked if he could give us a tour around town. Fortunately, said cousin just got off from work and was just around the area, so we waited for him at the hotel lobby.

It was then decided that we were going to go to Orchard Road, which I later found out was considered as an upper-end shopping district. In the end, the shopping experience was a bit dull for my tastes since I was more for the sights and scenery instead of skyscrapers and flashy buildings with their pricey malls, but I guess I'm happy that I got to experience the commuting system that Singapore has to offer. Also, what I didn't expect was that we'd get lost on our way back!

Since it was getting late and the train stations were about to close, my classmate convinced his cousin to just drop us off at the station nearest our hotel. Now this is where we were left to our own devices, since we noticed that most buses on our side of the street didn't drive along Balestier; we were also confused as to which side of the street we would cross to since we were at an intersection. But after asking around, finally we were able to board a bus back to Balestier!

I'd like to consider this as a "look of relief" but really, I was too tired to care... :P
We got back at our hotel around 11PM, and being dead tired at least helped with me getting a good night's sleep, since we would still have a busy day tomorrow. 

Already up before 8 in the morning, we set off for breakfast since we're later headed off to New Water Factory! (Where Used Water can become New Water ;) Honestly, I just had to get that out of my head...)

Since we were all Business students, I guess it wasn't exactly surprising that we had to know the basic going-ons inside a factory.Though being a Finance major made me more curious on how to sustain the business rather than on how operations are done, still it's not bad to learn new things every once in a while.

Next stop was Singapore Management University, which looked more like a mall compared to your average school campus. Also, I can't help but gush about how sleek and comfortable their library looked! Not just their library, the whole establishment was so spacious and modern-looking! Even their so-called "Labs" looked more like a recreational area rather than how you'd usually picture labs should look like! 

Looking back, I guess that was my school's way of encouraging us in case we'd like to pursue future studies abroad; or they're probably planning a student-exchange program with SMU later on in the future. But now that we'd finish our itinerary earlier than expected for that day, my schoolmates wanted to go shopping. Again. Ugh...

It was a pleasant surprise to find a Filipino-loved fastfood chain here at Singapore though, so I opted to order the chicken fillet since it was the only one in the menu we didn't have back in the Philippines. 

Another sweet ride spotted... :D #BMWi8

We went to Vivo City after, which was supposed to be our last stop for the day before heading back to our hotel, though my classmates had another destination in mind before getting ready to pack for our departure tomorrow, and this is how we found ourselves at Bugis Street.

You could more or less..
...consider it a flee market...

Find out next week if we'll get ourselves lost again. Also, I think we're caught in the middle of a Batman vs Superman riot?! Am I ever going to get home in one piece???

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