Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Soup for the Rain!

As I type this for my blog, it continues to rain outside. It's cold, and I can't help but want something warm, preferably some warm noodle soup. This takes me back to some of my fave foods, yes today is a Tuesday after all, which means it's Fave Food Day.

When it comes to noodle soups, I prefer to eat them in Asian restaurants since I seem to like the taste of whatever "special" spice they put in them, especially these ones who have managed to tingle my seemingly insatiable appetite:

I'm sure there's more in there... O.o

Mixed Balls with a combination of Thick Rice Noodles that I ordered in a Thai resto called Jatujak, and I found this dish really satisfying for my hungry tummy at that time.

This'll leave your mouth steaming... :P

Fish Balls with Rice Noodles I had at Oody's which I found was kind of "addicting" in flavor since it was really spicy, along with it's lemony-sour taste that comes along with it. So yeah, if I hadn't ended up full just after the first serving, I would have had another one!

Can't help but stare... @.@

Last but not the least is my favorite Seafood Noodle dish, which I always order at a Vietnamese resto called Pho Hoa, and yes, I always order the "Large-sized" bowl being served! Definitely in need of this right now!

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