Tuesday, June 11, 2013

They're Yummy Checkered Sweets!

School has now started, but we are all still in our "adjustment" stages when it comes to getting our heads out of the comfy clouds of "Cloud 9", and start getting ourselves functioning properly and ready for a cold splash of reality.

If only there was a way to stall time; to halt the impending crash of DOOM! (... a.k.a reality... -__-") However, no matter how we mope and complain, we can do nothing of the situation. Unless of course, we busy ourselves by eating. Yes, eating. Now that's something I wouldn't disagree on doing. So how about I introduce you to WAFFLES!

Fatty Caramel Goodness!!! Heaven! @.@

I know some people aren't exactly fond of those "sugary squares" but hey, they do their job well in satisfying my sweet tooth.

Choco-filled w/ a Dash of Peanut Butter! YumYum! XD

For the "carb-conscious" folks out there though, there's always the healthier side of the waffle. Though they often lack the tingly feeling of sugar rush that I usually feel whenever I eat one. Bummer...

Banana and Chips w/ a Glaze of "Unsweetened" Syrup? :P

In the end, all is fair in love and faves. No matter how I love the taste of the first two waffles, they're unfortunately "not big enough", making the last waffle, a bit "too much". Well, I guess that's what they call smart marketing! XD

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