Saturday, February 16, 2013

Love is So Dead!

A belated Happy Valentine's Day to you guys! If you're one of those people who enjoyed "The Day of Love", well good for you! Although if you're one of the single ladies out there (like me!), well fear no more, cause this movie will have you thinking that "Even the DEAD can find LOVE". Let me introduce to you, "Warm Bodies"!

This somehow reminds of...

Even if the poster looks similar to a "shimmering" couple we know, the storyline is COMPLETELY different! Why? 'Cause this movie stars a zombie! No not the brain-eating type! (Well, maybe at first...) But let's just say, this zombie found love in all the right brain parts! So the movie starts with R (Nicholas Hoult), just R 'cause he doesn't remember his name, and he's a zombie who by some strange circumstances, still feels that there should be something "more" in his undead "life". So when he encounters living, breathing Julie (Teresa Palmer) in one of his "hunting" trips, will he also find that "something" that he's been wondering about? How can their love change the zombie-infected world? There's also this BIG question mark on whether a zombie can really love, so yeah, it's complicated.

I know it sounds new to have a "zombie-romance" chick flick, but it didn't disappoint in being the first of its kind! Although my mom did have this, "It's just gross!" kind of feeling. You can't blame her though, back in her days, these "undead" people weren't exactly first date material. But I'm keeping an open mind on these stuff! Thumbs up for the romance, the right amount of horror in it, and the expressive actors! I also think that while vampires are "cool" undeads, let's face it, zombies are WAY hotter when they rise from the dead!

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