Sunday, December 30, 2012

Superficiality Equates to Happiness? When did That Happen?!

'Tis the season to be jolly and boy do I hope it's not just because of the gifts! So let's stop and think what Christmas really is all about, and since it's my "recent happenings" blog day, I'll be taking this chance to point out a few things about my first Christmas blogging experience. See here, my mom and I took these pics at the local mall:

Grab your shopping bags guys!!!
...and put some gifts under the tree while your at it!

This is a "lanterned" Christmas Tree!!! >_<

If you're wondering how that Christmas Tree can still stand amidst the rainy season, well the materials that were used for the lanterns aren't exactly "paper-like", they're waterproof and I know cause I poked the thing while it was still standing! Of course Christmas isn't only seen at the mall, it's almost everywhere, here's my college's Christmas Tree:

Sorry if the pic's a bit blurry though... @.@

There are also a few Christmas decors in our building, here's one:

We call it a "parol" here in the Philippines... ^_^

Since it doesn't snow here in the Philippines, I still decided to have my very own snowman!!!
(plus the candy cane... :P)

In the end, it seems like Christmas is all about the superficial stuffs and commercialism, I mean isn't Christmas about Christ being born? (don't worry about me going all religious here, I'm just stating my opinion, it is my blog right?) So yeah, maybe we need to just stop and think, think really hard and realize how lucky and blessed we are to have a roof above our heads and a decent meal to celebrate this season while there are some less fortunate people out there.

So "kids", stop crying since you didn't get the latest "in" gadget of the year or whatever, this is a season to be jolly after all, and it should also be a season of giving. Happy Holidays everyone and Advance Happy New Year!!!

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