Saturday, December 29, 2012

I'll be Dedicating this Frostbite to...

Hey, hey, hey guys! I know it's been a while since you last heard from me but still, it's better than nothing, so Happy Holidays! I just dropped by to share this movie I watched a few weeks ago, it's titled "Rise of the Guardians"

Never in my wildest dream... @.@

If you've watched the movie already, I'm sure you know it's about Jack Frost and the other "legends" we've heard of as kids, if not well here's a short synopsis that I hope will keep you interested. The story starts with Jack Frost being reborn without a valid reason, and so Jack just goes off  having fun and making snow. 300 years later, we are taken to the North Pole where we see Santa Claus in his "Toy Factory". However, after seeing a bad omen, North soon calls upon the other "Guardians" in order to stop this coming disaster. Here, Jack Frost is confused why and how he became part of all this when all he's done is to bring fun and snow to kids. Is this really enough to fight against fear and darkness?

There you have it guys! A holiday treat from me, and even though this film isn't in the cinemas anymore, try looking for it in your local record bars. Trust me when I say it's a keeper in your personal movie collection and one more thing I learned from this movie, "Believing in yourself will help fight all those inner fears you have inside." So until next time guys! Have fun!

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