Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas -- The Gift of Wellness

Earlier in the night, I was listening to some audio lessons from Spring Forest QiGong. I actually learned about it last year. It's about maintaining health and wellness using the old Chinese practice of balancing and maintaining harmony of one's Qi ("life force"). 

According to the lessons I've been learning, we often times don't feel well because there is some sort of imbalance in our well-being. One way of healing is removing the blockages within our body system. There are some steps involved in achieving this balance and removing blockages. 

I'm totally new to all these, but for all that it's worth, it has helped me achieve a more positive outlook in life. This is because of one quote that I heard from the QiGong Master. "The body cannot make the mind sick, but the mind can make the body sick." Since then, I've tried to focus more on the good and positive things. Even when I'm in pain, like headache or stomachache, I no longer focus on the pain but on healing. So far it has helped a lot. 

Here's a sample video from YouTube showing an exercise called "Breathing of the Universe".......

You can learn more about it by visiting the website too. This is one gift of wellness that I can share with you all. And if you do want to read more about QiGong and its amazing healing effects, you can always grab some of these books.......

or some of these DVD's.......

Here's to a sound body, mind, and spirit! The gift of wellness is perhaps one of the best gifts we can give someone today! ^_^

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