Sunday, June 11, 2017

What Travel Delays Does to Somebody Like Me

It all started with the rain during the early morning of our last day at Ilocos, then came the blackout in our homestay's vicinity. Now I really didn't mind the part with raining since I was only half awake, but it did get really humid in our room with the lack of the AC running, so I was a little grumpy with the next turn of events.

Turns out the rain lasted until later in the morning, enough to delay our departure from Ilocos to our next itinerary. All we were left to do was watch the waves from our homestay's balcony while waiting for the rain to stop.

The rain stopped an hour later than our designated time of departure, but we still had time for one last photoshoot at the Pagudpud Arch Sign.

Feelin' the love here, guys...

We later stopped over at Laoag to have breakfast, and were able to take pictures of the Sinking Bell Tower nearby; while also buying souvenirs from the local fair.

It is said, it still continues to sink 'til this day...
Hand-painted, customized...

bracelets! :D

If you think our tour would be smooth sailing from there, then wrong dead wrong. Turns out we got a flat on the tire, and the driver had to change it; so we were stuck for another good hour in the middle (on the side...) of the highway going to Vigan.

After that little hiccup on the road, we went straight to Chavit's Baluarte, which was kinda like a mini zoo. Once there, we opted to ride the shuttle since it was too hot to walk out in the sun without the chance of suffering from a heat stroke.

What's up with the dinosaur design??? This ain't no Jurassic Park...

Took a few days to get that stamp off... -__-"

That's my mom on the right, my grandma in the middle, then me ;)

Disappointment is an understatement when it comes to describing this place. Just a rich (old) guy's way of showing off the animals he hunted for sport; no lions here kids, not the living kind anyway... Probably just a guy picturing himself as a horse. (Which you can see has a portrait on the 2nd floor of the Gallery at the end of the tour...) 

Those portraits must be like certificates of his trophies or something...

Reminds me of that scene with Gaston from Beauty & the Beast...

I've heard about bear rugs, but crocodiles???

Lastly, we went to Calle Crisologo in Vigan City, which I would consider an overrated place. Honestly, I know it's supposed to be a historical place of old, but with all those stores and some fastfood chains, you wouldn't have the "stepping into another time" kind of feels. (not that I want to go back to the Spanish times anyway... *shivers*...)

Exactly where is the view...?

Wish I could say the same though...

Although, if you're looking for a place like Calle Crisologo, I'd suggest you just go to Intramuros here in Manila. Since during my 4 years of college in The Walled City, I have yet to see a surge of tourists like the ones in Vigan.

Taken at the Parian: that's me (grey shirt) during my 2nd year in college... (that's my cousin in the red shirt...) ©2013

So I guess that's how my last day of tour in Ilocos ended, not really bad overall if I consider the fun I had during the first 2 days of my stay. Maybe Vigan used to be a "place of old", before consumerism decided to settle in, who knows... I'm not really one for the crowds.

Take this Black Friday Sale GIF for example... O.O

This ends my travel blog series of my Ilocandia Adventure, maybe next time I'll focus on the natural wonders our planet has to offer. Until next my travel, bye! ;D

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