Sunday, April 2, 2017

There Must be More than this Every Day Life

There's a saying that goes like "It's better late than never", since I should have made this series of blogpost a year ago. But due to life and its many splendid things happening, I just recently found the time to edit these videos and blog at the same time. 

Paralysis over Analysis

The blogpost I'm talking about is my school's trip to Singapore last year which I'll be labeling under "recent happenings". I plan to make it a 3-part series (...or 4), depending on the videos I took during that time (which I'll also upload here). Every "episode" will be posted on a Sunday, and once my Singapore series is over maybe I'll continue blogging about my other trips to other places. 

We're going on a trip...

This is a new thing for me to blog about, outside of the usual book reviews or movie reviews, so I'm still feeling my way around how to really describe certain events. But I hope to still be able to share the simple joy of travelling!

*Insert flashback sfx*

On the 2nd of March 2016, 10 o'clock in the morning, my mom dropped me off at the airport. Since it'll be at least a 3-hour flight, my classmates and I decided to have lunch before boarding the plane.

Mom with her "SepAnx" feels... Does that even look like a face suffering from Separation Anxiety???

All Aboard!
Up in the Air!

We arrived at Singapore at around 6:30 in the early evening, though I still remember that the sun had yet to set so there was still a little sunlight outside the airport.

On board our tour bus, aside from learning some new trivia from our tour guide, we also found out that our first stop was Chinatown!

With our money changed, some souvenirs bought, and dinner eaten at a local foodcourt, we were off to yet another destination before checking in at our hotel; Merlion Park!

Some pictures here and there, and we were ready to call it a night. Fragrance Hotel Balestiere was a quaint but comfy place to stay especially if you only need to rest and freshen up for the next day.

Having our bags settled in, we got ready for bed since we had a whole new adventure for tomorrow! Here's a vid of our short stroll when we went out to have breakfast the next morning before boarding our bus.

On my next post: Singapore Day 1, 3rd of March 2016, 10 o'clock in the morning, Universal Studios!!!

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