Friday, January 13, 2017

Into the Fog and Far Away...

Finally! The wait is over! It seemed like an eternity since I stumbled upon this story at FictionPress and found it to be incomplete, though after 3 years of snooping around and checking for updates, and another 3 months of waiting for the book to arrive once I ordered it. Well, here it is! 

Although it did take me at least 3 weeks (after the holidays) to really get down and read it, and 3 days to get this review done; since I still had a lot of questions running around my head and some theories that seem to have popped up out of nowhere. The book in question? Here:

The smoky cover sure makes it creepier...

Three sisters, three cursed men, and a ghastly fairy tale come to life.

When Elizabeth, Delia, and Emily were children, their grandfather told them a story about an island castle called the Needle’s Eye—home to a lord and his three sons. The castle has since been hidden by a mysterious fog, but his story speaks of nine girls who rowed out to the island. None of them returned, and the lord’s family was never heard from again.Years later, following their grandfather’s death, the last ties that bind the sisters to the village—and each other—seem to be breaking.

A careless mistake on the water leads their boat to be swallowed by the forbidden fog, and when they emerge from that cloud, the girls discover that the island castle they’d dreamed of is not a myth.The mere innocence of a curious glimpse becomes a fight for survival when the girls are cursed by the lord’s ghostly sons. Their choice quickly becomes apparent: they can play the games of the three soulless men, or they can give in to death, never to see one another again.

It may sound morbid and all (or a tad bit creepy...) but it got me really curious ever since I got to read the first 3 chapters. The dynamics between the 3 sisters seemed to be relatable enough, what with Elizabeth being motherly since she is the eldest; Delia, the middle sister, seems to be misunderstood and doesn't always see eye to eye with Elizabeth; and then we have Emily, the dreamer of the 3 as well as the youngest. All I can say is "Three's a Crowd", and their relationship with one another seems rocky at best, and it'll surely affect it more when these 3 brothers come into the "picture". (and what is it about the number 3???)

Meet Dante, Christopher, Anton, who behind their handsome appearances, hide an ugly truth. Now before you start pairing them off by order of their birth, let me spoil you with the fact that they hit it off with their "personalities" instead. I'll give you a good guess by giving them titles suitable for being sons of a lord: "Dante the Diabolical", "Christopher the Confused", "Anton the Abusive".

In the end, I felt bad for the 3 sisters, especially Elizabeth, and though I wouldn't consider it a love triangle (since she was mostly confused with her feelings), at least her fiancé truly loved her. I guess I just have to pacify myself with the theory that maybe the 3 sisters are truly home, for as long as I convince myself that Elizabeth's necklace was passed through to her from many generations long ago, then maybe somewhere down their bloodline, they really belonged in the cursed city.

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