Saturday, April 4, 2015

Manners Make a Movie

So it all started with this movie poster:

Talk about boy toys...

At first I thought it would be another mindless action movie with absolutely no creative taste when it came to choosing its actors. Then, I coincidentally got a glimpse of the movie trailer:

And I was like woah... They got me at the "umbrella shield" part and I was like, "Who would have even thought of inventing that?" and "That's bloody awesome!" at the same time. Then I saw something that really got me wanting to watch this film in the big screen:

Oh my fangirl heart... <3 >.<

So technically yeah, they got me there. But it turns out that the film also consisted of "old school savviness":

Kudos to my mum... ;)

So before this blogpost turns into a fangirl tribute, I'll probably move on to the movie review now. First, characters and actors, with Eggsy being this juvenile delinquent... Taron Egerton fits the role perfectly with his boyish charm. Colin Firth showcases his charisma as Harry; and Samuel Jackson distinctly portrays the evil Valentine with his somewhat lisp and borderline, eccentric sociopathic craziness.

Plotwise, "Kingsman" is the clichĂ© "Good guy saves the day". But before we got there, we had these really major twists (which got me a couple of times...).

Special Effects: boy, you're in for a ride! The opening credits of the film shows it. And of course the action, which to me is a fresh approach contrary to protagonists having their asses kicked before their said victory. And our good guys all do these in a pinstripe suit with classy reading glasses, so cheerios to that!

All in all, I can't help but wait for a sequel 'cuz I really haven't gotten enough of those tux-wearing Kingsmen. ;)

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