Sunday, March 1, 2015

Nothing Beats Stress Like School

So it's been a while since I took up blogging... Too many distractions have kept me from posting anything worthwhile I suppose... This day, however, marks the beginning of an end. It's what we call the day of "The Defense," and I'm probably in school right now. I had this post pre-scheduled in a funny attempt to mimic a last will and testament. Call this day Judgment Day.

In preparation for this day, with all the revised paperworks that needed to be done, last week was filled with pent-up emotional stress. It actually felt like a f---ing roller coaster of emotion.. going round and round, up and down the slopes... and other emotional garbages thrown your way. Although I blame it all on hormones and delayed period, that out of the blue spouted out in the middle of a very stressful and hectic week. Damn, never before have I ever felt such anger even at the littlest things that I somehow wished they'd spontaneously combust! I'm not generally led by emotions so it was pretty rough. It's like my head was full of the F word - for this, that, everyone, everything! Why can't they all just die out?!

It's pretty creepy, now that I look back on it a week later. Also had this really annoying incident at our local cinema that same week. I wished the ticket attendant's head would just burst off... It all started with me wanting to unwind for just a little bit. Since I've seem this cool trailer, I wanted to watch the movie in its entirety. Turns out it was an R-16 movie. Well, I'm 19 so that's not a problem, right? Wrong! The ticket lady cared too much that even after presenting my college org IDs (I don't walk around with my college ID), she was still hesitant to print out the tickets. D-UH?!??! That moment, I wanted to rip off her head! I was like, "What gives?!" Just because I'm not tall enough for my age doesn't give her the right to judge! (I previously got to watch an R-18 movie shown in the same week at the same cinema. What the F---?!)

On a lighter note, I should just pray for good results for our "defense" today. I wish and hope for at least a passing mark. I guess stress won't end here, and I'll probably encounter more stress later on in life. That's part of growing up. Just like what my mom always says, "Pray for everything that is not within your control." I guess that's what I'll do... pray for the strength to carry on, pray for wisdom in all my decisions, and pray for more than enough faith to know that at the end of the day, everything will be just fine. ^_^

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