Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's FaBLUElous!

Due to my now busy schedule, since it's my midterms week, I just thought of taking a break from my monotonous routine of studying myself to oblivion. So I thought of looking at my blog posts and found out that I have yet to blog about the debut that I attended last year on the 30th of November!

Finally! I have something to post in the "Fashion Statements" section! Also, the theme for this party was White, Black and Blue, so I decided to go for the latter:

Told you it was faBLUElous! XD

I've also decided to partner it with silver accessories:

They've got nice studs... :3
Simple, yet elegant... ;D

Azures... @.@

Don't forget the manicure! ^_^

Also the pedicure! XD

The result....

I'm fabulous! XD

Another event fashionably attended and it's all thanks to "San Diego's Boutique" for my gown (again... ;D), it's located at Stall 2J-15, 11/88 Shopping Mall, Reina Regente cor. Felipe II St., Binondo Manila. My purse from SM Carriedo, a.k.a SM Quiapo. My shoes, from Isetann Carriedo. The jewelry set, which was a gift to my mom, is labled Cote d' Azur. My toes & nails were done at "Perfectly Polished", located in SM Manila; my hair was done at Ricky Reyes, located at the 2nd Flr. of Robinson's Manila.

Finally my make-up was again done by my mom, Rosyel Sawali. She sure is getting better in the "art of make-up" stuff.

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