Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas -- Favorite Scents

Everyone has a favorite scent that we love. Sometimes it reminds us of happy moments. At times, it's just the opposite. Nonetheless, perfumes, body mists, colognes are just some of the great items for gift ideas this Christmas.

What's your favorite scent? I've a list of a few of them...

1. Gap Dream

I don't know when I started liking it, but it's truly one of my most favorite, if not my only favorite, scent. It's just dreamy!

2. Envy by Gucci

Here's another scent that I totally dig. If I don't have Gap Dream, I'm okay to settle for Envy by Gucci. It has a scent I totally like.

3. Sweet Honesty

I've loved the scent of Sweet Honesty even as a teen. It's just sweet, not too strong or "citrusy" at all. I think it's great for teens and young ladies.

4. Sweet Temptation (Victoria's Secret)

There is something about this scent that I totally like. It's different from the others, but I like it for every day use. It just feels refreshing.

5. Malibu Musk

I remember this scent from my younger years. I haven't seen it in a while though, but I remember liking the scent so much. It reminds me of summer and how great that feels!

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